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Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Body Cream normalises epidermal water loss offering improved management of irritated, dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and hypersensitive skin, and is beneficial in all cases of skin dehydration.

Oily skin often occurs as a result of the skin trying to compensate for a lack of moisture, exacerbating the symptoms of face and body acne; Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Body Cream shows excellent results here also.

The Tebiskin® Cera-Boost range are the only products to provide a balanced blend of all 9 key Ceramides, in a perfect ratio with Cholesterol and Fatty Acids in order to improve and restore the skin’s barrier function, and also contains calming and soothing molecules, with the added benefit of visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Tebiskin ceraboost (eczema and dry skin)

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